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Are high index lenses worth the cost?

I have high myopia and feel my prescription lenses are thick. optician suggest me to buy high index lenses like 1.74 index lenses. But they are more expensive than my current lenses. Can you tell me shall i take high index lenses? Are they worthy?
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  • Kelly eddy


    There is no doubt that we can say, high index lenses are worth of your money. High index lenses are a kind of alternative choice to you compared with plastic glasses lenses. Although they are expensive than plastic lenses, they can reduce the thickness and weight of glasses lenses, especially for individuals with strong prescription. Just as, optician suggest you to buy high index lenses like 1.74 index lenses. For most of the prescription, high index lenses provide a significant optical resolution. So, in your way, it is undoubtedly a good choice.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    I have high myopia, too. And my eyeglasses adopt the 1.74 high index lenses which look not as thick as my formal ones. What is more important is the light feeling which makes you feel good. Although the high index lenses are expensive, the transmittance is better than the common lenses. It is absolutely worthy for the people with high prescription to buy the high index lenses.
  • Barry


    According to your case , I think you need to buy high index lenses. I think it is worthy to buy 1.74 index lenses. 1.The image quality is good, there is no image distortion . 2.The lens are lighter, thinner,and more beautiful. 3.It can make the view wide. Though it is more expensive ,it is more suitable for you . How to protect glasses? 1. Wash the glasses, try to not rub with a cloth. 2. Use hands to pick glasses to avoid frame variants.
  • Enine


    Yes, of course, because they make your lenses thinner. Refractive index, or just index, of a lens is its ability to bend light efficiently. The higher the index, the less lens material is required to bend the same amount of light. So if you have a higher index, you can have a thinner lens with the same prescription.
    High index plastic lenses are also more lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear than standard plastic lenses or glass lenses. This is because of the reduction in lens material. In addition to their light weight, high index lenses are more scratch proof than standard lenses, and they are more aesthetically pleasing, causing less eye distortion.

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