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Can lazy eyes be corrected?

My little kid gets lazy eyes. I wonder can lazy eyes be corrected and how?
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    Lazy eyes are without perceptible visual deprivation and binocular interaction caused by abnormal unilateral, bilateral vision loss, and eye examinations organic disease. Some cases after proper treatment is reversible, that is to say, you can get a good level of vision after you accept the treatment. Under normal circumstances, there are five effective methods. Firstly, the drug therapy. Second, the refractive. Third, shaded. Fourthly, repressed Law. Fifth, the instrument therapy. Finally, surgical treatment. In the choice of treatment method, it is based on your child's personal circumstances.
  • Matthew baker


    Yes sure. You'd better hurry up. You shall visit an eye doctor, get eye checked and consult a right treatments. I heard that lazy eyes can be corrected when they were young, usually before 6 years old. Or your kid may need wear prescribed eyeglasses or contact lenses for their rest of life.

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