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How to improve vision in basketball ?

I have poor vision. But i like to play basketball. Do you have any good idea to improve my vision in basketball. Please help!
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  • walkerpaul


    Doing exercise will be good for your eyes. You could improve your vision by practicing shooting in the basketball exercise. The long distance between eyes and the basket will adjust your vision to some degree. In order to improve your vision, you should not sit in front of the computers for a long time with little rest. You need to keep the healthy diet. That is very important.
  • Nicholas carter


    To improve your vision when you are playing basketball, there are mainly two ways, first is wearing eyeglasses, and the second is wearing eye contacts. However, wearing eyeglasses can be quite inconvenient because they may distract your concentration when you need to hold them back to the nose bridge. In addition, playing basketball can sometimes be fierce and it is frequent that the eyeglasses get broken and even hurting your eyes in some serious conditions. Wearing eye contact lenses, however, does not have this kind of trouble. Therefore, as long as you are not highly nearsighted or farsighted, it is better to wear eye contacts when you are playing basketball.
  • Alexa murphy


    Sometimes I can see some handsome boys playing basketball wearing eyeglasses. I guess you still can wear glasses to play basketball, but you need pay attention to protect it when you clash with other team member when you do this kind of strenuous exercise. The better aid of your situation is to wear the contact lenses. It is soft as water drop and wear into your eyes, it is hard to drop out from your eyes in common use, and hard to be broken or fragile as it made of glasses. However, the contacts still have some disadvantages, as you must do not dirty the contacts as it will get your eyes inflammation. The last solution for you is to get the eyes surgery such as Lasik surgery to solve the problem once for all. However, the surgery still have some risk and need a periods of time to recover. However, every method has its disadvantage and advantage, and you may choose one suit yourself.