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What causes loss of depth perception?

I just want to know what cause loss of depth perception? If it is happen? Is there anything that i can do to get it back?
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  • Susie Washington


    Amblyopia, optic nerve hypoplasia and strabismus can cause loss of depth perception. Or a person suffering from an injury to one eye or missing one eye can not be able to tell where objects are, how far objects are from him and how far he needs to move to reach or avoid them, either. People with loss of depth perception have difficulty in seeing the environment in three dimensions and estimating the spatial distances of objects from themselves and others so that they cannot perform activities nicely such as driving, sewing, threading a needle, watching 3D movies, walking on uneven ground and other activities that require depth acuity. If you suffer from reduced depth perception, you should consult your ophthalmologist to conduct visual therapy.
  • cattatra


    Depth perception refers to a kind of visual ability to get to cognize the environment in three dimensions as well as the objects in a far distance.There are some ocular problems that can cause disorders of depth perception such as amblyopia, optic nerve hypoplasia, and strabismus. To get your depth perception back to a normal level, you can choose a vision therapy which is a preference of most people. In vision therapy, the vision therapists will train a your brain to fuse the image from each eye, or to ignore the image from the bad eye. Wearing prescribed contact lenses or eyeglasscan also be helpful in treating loss of depth perception by preventing the indistinct images in the bad eye from interfering with the images from the good eye. You had better go to the doctor's for an examination so as to apply the correspondent treatment to your depth perception loss. And notice not to overuse your eyes, instead, you should allow them to have adequate rest.

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