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Kyle kirk


What does it mean if you blink too much ?

Is it normal to blink eyes too much? What does it mean?
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  • Trinity


    Blinking is a voluntary eye action that not only protects the eyes from external irritants but also keeps the eyes moist and lubricate. The average count of a normal human being blinking is about 15,000 times a day. However, if the amount of blinking eyes is beyond the average count, you need to take it into consideration. Maybe you get constant eye blinking due to the onset of dust, eye makeup, allergens or contact lenses. Or it is a result of vision problem such as poor eyesight, blurred vision, blind spots, floaters or other visual disturbances. People suffering from dry eyes also blink frequently to make them feel better. In addition, when seized by a sudden fear, anxiety, trepidation or worry, people blink their eyes more. Sometimes, excessive blinking can be a sign of neurological disorder, caused by severe brain anomalies such as brain tumor.
  • Christopher giles


    No, it is not normal for you to blink eyes too much which may cause your eyes to be dry and to feel uncomfortable. Your too much blink eyes may be caused by the eyes infection because of the invisible bacterium. You should have the good rest for the eyes, with eye drops with anti-inflammation. The warm compress could also be a good way for you to protect the eyes.
  • carter


    There are mainly three kinds of causes for blinking. First of all, some people usually blink because of hintertia, which should be got rid of. Secondly, some people get neurogenic blinking because the nerve fibers which are in charge of the orbicularis oculi muscles frequently contract after some stimulations. To reduce or to treat this neurogenic blinking, the patients can do some massaging around their eyes or apply a piece of warm towel on your closed eyes to make your eyes and optical muscles relaxed. Besides, you can also take in some tranquilizer or neurogenic nutrient agents to help relax your nerves. The third cause of frequentl blinking is asthenopia blinking, that is, blinking caused by eyestrain. This cause is quite common for people who get hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, and ametropia. These usually overuse their eyes for many hours consecutively without any rest, then the eyes present a kind of protective response by blinking to adjust the curvature of the eyeballs so as to make a clear distinct. In this case, people should arrange in an appropriate way how to use their eyes. They should allow their eyes to have adequate rest, do some eye exercises, and wear correspondent eyeglasses.
  • Zoe Wang


    Blinking eyes can keep our eyes moist and relieve strain eyes. But it is said that normal people blink their eyes 15 times a minute. If you blink too much and too often, it is not a good symptoms. Because blinking eyes can be caused by dry eyes, keratitis, conjunctivitis, poor eyesight, blurred vision, or eye floaters etc. That is to say, eye blinking can be a sign of eye problems or even eye diseases. As for what disease causes it, you shall consult a eye doctor.
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