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What herbs are good for eye health?

Is there any herbs that are good for eye health? If so, What are they?
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  • Zachary garcia


    Personally speaking, eyes are the most delicate and tenderest part of human body, and eyesight is the most precious sense of human body. So it is really important to protect our eyes. As a matter of fact, many herbs are beneficial to eye health. Herbs can help to reduce eye pressure, improve your eyesight, and reduce vision problems. Now I will introduce some kinds of herbs which can be helpful to our eyes. 1: Eyebright has been used as eye remedy for a long time. It is proved that it can help to recover from red eyes 2: Ginkgo is very beneficial to improve blood flow to the retina. Besides, ginkgo can protect nerve cells, including those in the eye. 3: Coleus is also helpful because it is rich in forskolin. As we all know, forskolin is useful in reducing the production of fluid within the eye, and it can reduce the pressure of eyes. 4: Cannabis is effective in treating glaucoma. It can also reduce the pressure of eyes
  • Andrea warren


    There are the herbs which are good for eye health. The chrysanthemum tea is one of the favorite ones which are good for the eyes. It could make your eyes get moisture and comfortable. It will release the tiredness of the eyes. It is so helpful for the eyes. Another typical one is liquorice which you could also have a try to protect your eyes.
  • Alexandria taylor


    There are many kinds of herbs which are good for the healthy of eyes, such as mulberry, cultivated land, flatstem milkvetch seed, chrysanthemum, Chinese wolfberry, Gorgon fruit, semen cassiae seed, and so on. These herbs are all abundant in carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and so on, which are very good for the eyes. You can buy and eat a moderate amount of them every day.