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EDGAR Schneider


What style of clear lens glasses should I go for?

Well i have good eyesight, but i want to wear clear lens glasses to flatter my face. There are many styles to choose from. What are "in" glasses styles for girls like me?
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  • hand_in_glove_


    Black nerd glasses are very ''in'' style in this year. But I recommend you to choose a bright color nerd glasses. The color of black looks a little rigid and serious. The bright color can make you skin look better. For example, red can make you skin look ruddy while yellow can make your skin look whiter. So, go to store to choose your favorite color nerd glasses!
  • Marissa george


    If you want to choose clear lens glasses for looks, you shall choose the best suitable one depending on your face shape, skin color and clothes styles. Any way here are some popular eyeglasses styles for girls: Nerd style eyeglasses, big framed eyeglasses that look great for lots of girls and boys. You can have a try.