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Is there such glasses just for reading to avoid eye fatigue?

I need some glasses to help me read for a long time, and does not damage my sight. I do not have vision problems just to avoid fatigue when reading. Thanks
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  • 04/13/2012

    In your case there is prevention, which translates into two major strategies: good lighting and increase the number of flashes to improve ocular lubrication! The consequence of "super-strain" of eyes , is your presbyopia (tired eyes) will come in early ,that instead of reaching for you after 40 years, should anticipate a few years.But this is a trend of all humanity, after all we live in a world of information, and spent much time in front of a monitor or books, so the requirement of the ciliary muscle is very intense, leading to exhaustion is normal today!
  • 04/14/2012

    Use sunglasses mirror, for you to see! Zuera, could not stand this, but anyway, these things are better than being asked for an ophthalmologist; D
  • 04/14/2012

    There are glasses for readings, prescribed or prescribed by the specialist of Health .I know there are normal glasses white lens for current use and protection of sight. chance to read for a long time depends on the health of your sight.
  • Caroline hill


    Yes,there is. Non prescription reading glasses can help you to avoid eye fatigue while reading without damaging your eyes. The lenses in non prescription reading glasses have magnifying 'power' which allow you to see better for close up work. If you don't have problem when reading, I don't think you need glasses. If you get eye fatigue when you read for a long time, you should take regular breaks to get your eyes enough time to rest, which will help you avoid eye fatigue effectively.
  • c_wilde


    Dear friend, if you are a current computer user, I suggest you to buy a pair of computer glasses immediately. Computer glasses can block the reflection and glare of the computer screens, this can protect our eyes. Computer glasses are designed to make people feel more comfortable when watching the screen for a long time. It can help us see letters on screens clearly because the distance between the screen and our eyes is a factor that computer glasses will take into consideration. You don't need to strain your eyes when using a computer. That will reduce your tiredness and eye strain. And it will not damage your sight.
  • anderson


    Hey, guy! There! I think reading for a long time will damage our eyes. You need to take few breaks during your reading and apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyes at the same time. If you are a student, I suggest you to read books rather than read the text on the computer screens. It is said that the paper book will do less damage to our eyes when compared with e-book. For me, I really enjoy reading in the library. Hope this helped!
  • walkerpaul


    If you are reading in front of a computer, you can wear a pair of computer glasses, and you can make clear type because clear type will help make reading much easier and put less strain on your eyes. You can adjust the lighting of your computer screen to provide yourself with brightness of the display. You may also need to get lots of rest during your reading because our eyes need to sleep just like any other organ in your body. you can blink your eyes frequently to lubricate your eyes at the same time. You can eat carrots and other things which are rich in Vitamin A for this can help prevent from cataracts and macular degeneration. Provde your eyes with enough nutrients and vitamins can improve your eye health and make you read for a long time.