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If you wear glasses and use a computer, do you have computer glasses?

If you wear glasses and use a computer, do you have computer glasses?
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  • 04/13/2012

    I wear regular glasses for single vision.When I use computer,I also put them on though it doesn't like computer glasses,it can protect my eyes a little.Later I will go to buy a pair of computer glasses because I use computer every day.
  • Zachary garcia


    I strongly suggest you to buy a pair of computer glasses. usually the prescription glasses will not work as well as computer glasses for the prescription glasses can help us to see the things in the distance clearly while if we use it as computer glasses, we may have dizziness because the degree is not fit for the distance of computer working. And prescription glasses can't prevent our eyes from the harmful reflections of computer screens. Hope you can consider this. Good luck!
  • Brandon cook


    I bought a pair of eyeglasses 3 years ago. I often wear it when I am working in front of computers. Though it can't work very well in the outside, it works well when I am using a computer. And last month I have my eyesight checked by an optometrist. She told me that the prescription glasses I used now should be replaced for I have a higher degree in both of my eyes. And she told me that I need to buy a pair of computer glasses if I am a current computer user. The old pair of glasses can't protect my eyes from the reflection and glare of computer screens. Hope this helped.
  • Isabel


    I don't use computer glasses. I just wear my single vision glasses every day and they work good on me.
  • Saarah


    Yes, i work in front to the computer for more than 8 hrs a day, so i need to wear them. But my computer glasses are only for protecting against the radiation from the computer, they are non prescription.
  • Leif


    Yes.I have.becuse I ususlly feel irritated and dry after a long workday in front of the computer. Since i bought my computer glasses from, they do a great job for my eyes.they reduce my daily eye strain and headache very well.highly recommend.