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Reading glasses make the grade increase?

I have very little degree of astigmatism, 0.5 and 0.25. And I use reading glasses for almost two months, wanted to know if reading glasses makes the grade increases
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  • Nicholas carter


    If your reading glasses are made correctly to your prescription, it will not make the power go stronger. If you get your reading glasses over the count, you are possibly damaging your eyes. As reading glasses are made only for close vision, there is no need to wear them when you are watching TV , driving or something else.
  • 04/14/2012

    There is no scientific evidence that wearing glasses causes the strength to increase or decrease, contrary to most people think. The eyewear is intended solely to correct your vision. Therefore, if the glasses improve your vision, there is no reason not to use them, But if you do not use, then you force the eye and may lose more vision and need a stronger glasses.
  • David Felker


    Guy! I heard that astigmatism can be corrected by specific prescription. If your reading glasses are made according to the prescription, your reading glasses will not increase the degree of your eyes. Eyeglasses are designed to help correct our vision problems. They will not impair our eyesight. The reason why so many people believe that eyeglasses may impair our eyesight may lie in that the comparison between wearing glasses and not wearing glasses. If we are used to the clear vision, we may feel that our eyesight decrease when we take off glasses. But actually our eyesight hasn't changed.


    Wearing appropriate glasses will not make the grade increase. But if you often wear a pair of glasses that is not fit for your eyes, you may damage your eyes in this way. Usually our eyesight will decrease on its own if you don't protect it in your daily lives. I'd like to tell you that keep a good habit in using eyes and pay attention to the eye hygiene are very important in protecting your eyes.