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Could wearing my prescribed reading glasses all day harm my eye sight?

I just got Prescribed reading glasses because I am near sighted but my far sight vision is better that 20/20. Could wearing my +1.25 reading glasses all day harm my eye sight?
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  • karrt


    It should depend on what they are used for. If you wear them all day for reading or some close work, it won't make much difference in your vision. But if you wear them for distant vison most of the time, eyesight will be messed up and feel blurry. It is the same as glasses for myopia or hyperopia, only put on them when you need.
  • William clive


    Dear friend, I suggest you not to wear reading glasses for all day long. Usually we will look at the distance after we do some close work for a long time. This can help relieve your eyes and reduce tiredness and eye strain. reading glasses are designed to help people who have trouble in see things in the nearby clearly. When we don't need to do close work, we'd better take off them and exercise our eyes for a moment.
  • Trinity


    Yes, wearing your prescribed reading glasses all day can harm your sight. Besides, wearing any kind of reading glasses all day long will harm our eyesight too. Reading glasses are designed for reading or seeing things in a near distance. But I think nobody will read or see things in a near distance for a whole day. Our eyes will be damaged by doing this. Many senior citizens may need to take a pair of reading glasses with them. I often see them hang their glasses on their neck. When they need to read some materials, they will put on their reading glasses. No one can avoid seeing the distance in the day, however the reading glasses will cause inconvenience in seeing the distance. So I suggest you not to wear reading glasses for all day long.

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