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Luke oliver


Why do we rub our eyes when we wake up?

It seems that most of people like to rub our eyes when we wake up from sleeping. Why?
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  • evilrain


    Yes, there are a lot of people tending to rub their eyes when they wake up. During their sleep, their gland excretion system will work. When they wake up, they will have the gum in the eyes. That is why people tend to rub the eyes to make them out. However, it is not good for you to rub the eyes which will cause the eyes infection.
  • cheryl


    Yes, I have this kind of habit too. I always rub my eyes especially the corner of eys when I wake up in the morning unconsciously. But it does not happen every morning. I found out that I always rub my eyes when my eyes are dry, or especially when there is some crust on the eyelids. Gentle rubbing could help tear production and lubricate the eyes. It can also relieve the stress, because pressing on eyeball could stimulate the vagus nerves which will slow down the heart beat. But you should know that long time rubbing or rubbing hard might cause eye pressure increasing. Besides, hands are usually full of virus and bacteria. Rubbing eyes might spread the virus or bacterial into eyes, resulted in eye infection. So it is better not to rub eye. If you do need, keep in mind that you should wash your hands thoroughly and rub your eyes tenderly.