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Can eye twitching be a sign of epilepsy?

Why my eyes twitches? Is it possible a sign of epilepsy?
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  • walkbyfth


    Eye twitching is a sudden muscle contraction without control. It is more a condition than a disease. In some cases, eye twitching comes and goes naturally, without any requirement of treatment. Someone even considers it as a sign of bad luck in many regions. Actually in some cases, eye twitching can be one of the signs of various nervous system disorders, like Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, some cases of Huntington's disease and some kinds of epilepsy. As to epilepsy, it is a group of neurological disorders typically characterized by seizures. Not every kind of seizure is accompanied with eye twitching. Causes and symptoms of epilepsy are complicated. It is better for you to have a detailed check in hospital and get treatment as soon as possible, because in some serious cases, it could be lethal.
  • commentsforme


    The eyes twitch is the possible sign of epilepsy because of the weak immune system. However, the eyes infection will cause the eyes twitches too. Once your eyes get the coming invisible bacterium, you may have the eyes twitches. If your eyes are too tired because of too much time in front of the computers, your eyes could also get twitches. You could use the eyes drops to release the symptom.
  • Andrew bell


    Well, yes, eye twitching can be a sign of epilepsy, so you should pay more attention to it. Generally speaking, eye twitching can come and go unpredictably for a few days, weeks or months. And also, it will not be painful, but annoying. But on the other hand, sometimes, it may be the earliest sign of a chronic movement disorder. For example, it can be the side effects of drugs, particularly medications used to treat epilepsy. By the way, for other causes, drinking, smoking, stress, lack of sleep, fatigue can be the common ones. So you need to be careful about it.

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