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Mya baker


What are the symptoms of sunburned eyes ?

How can i tell if people have sunburned eyes? What are the symptoms about it?
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  • Brook Park


    The symptoms of sunburned eyes include redness or irritation, tearing, pain, a gritty feeling almost like there's sand in your eyes, blurry vision and temporary vision loss. Sometimes people think they have gotten too much chlorine or salt water in their eyes when they actually have sunburned their eyes. The difference between them is that when you get sunburned eyes, you will have gritty and sandy feeling, but when you get too much chlorine or ocean water in your eyes, you may feel some discomfort but except pain.
  • Michelle


    If your eyes are sunburned, the signs often appear within a few hours after sun exposure such as blurred vision, redness, eye pain, eye watering, etc, and you may have a gritty feeling like the sand in your eyes. if your eyes get sunburned, you need take the treatment. Also, you can wear sunglasses, which is a simple way to protect your eyes from being sunburned.
  • Connor nelson


    If you don't wear anything in the strong sun lights, you may get the sunburned eyes. You may find that your eyes get red. The more serious problem is that you may feel itchy at the eyes. You need to use the eye drops to release the symptom. You could also do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.

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