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Can seizures cause lazy eyes?

I have seizures now and then. I just want to know if seizures affect on eyes. I mean is it possible cause eye problems such as lazy eyes?
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  • walkyr


    Yes, seizures can cause some eye problems such as lazy eyes. And lazy eyes can also happen among people who have depression, high blood pressure, pain, high blood cholesterol. And seizures can cause problems like dizziness, headache and nausea, etc. So consult your doctor and have the best treatment.
  • Jonathan griffin


    Seizure of course has some effects on eyes. Seizure refers to a chronic brain disorder, caused by abnormal electrical activity in brain. What impacts and symptoms the patient would have is depending on which part of the brain is involved during a seizure. Common symptoms include body shaking, muscles contracting and relaxing repeatedly, eye movement, teeth clenching and temporary halt of breathing. It is hard to say if any damages occur during the seizure, after all the brain is connected with optic nerves in eyes and it controls the muscles which could rotate eyes. In some cases, patients develops amblyopia from seizures. It is the best to have an examination at hospital. To prevent seizure, patients should take the medication fully as prescribed by doctor. Have a light diet and keep relax and happy mood.
  • erinpoo130


    The problem of seizures will affect your eyes, causing lazy eyes. The whole nerves in the body are interlinked. When you have the seizures, your nerves at the eyes will be in the tensed state. You will find that your eyes may easily be dry which will affect your vision. You may see things in the blurry state. In order to protect your eyes, you need to have the good rest and healthy diet.