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Byron Liu


How to buy Computer Glasses

I'm having a difficult time buying computer glasses. For the usage, do you select: Computer(Intermediate)? Also, what benefits do regular glasses give if I don't customize anything such as Anti-reflection etc?
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  • enigma_g


    If you want to buy computer glasses, please select computer(intermediate) for the usage and tick the Anti-Reflective/Anti-radiation (Prevent radiation and make eyes comfortable while using computer) option. Wearing regular glasses without anti-reflection coating will not give you any benefit when you work in front of the computer. Hope these are helpful for you.
  • Angela green


    Yes, you shall choose Computer(Intermediate) if you want to buy computer glasses. computer glasses are particularly made for shielding eyes from reflective light from computer screen. So, Almost all computer glasses contain Anti-reflection coating. That is too say, Wearing regular glasses without Anti-reflection coating can only provide your vision aids, but can help your eyes to fight against radiations from computer.

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