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Debbie Morton


Will small glasses flatter me?

I have a small round face, some people suggest me to buy small glasses, thus to make my face noticeable. Is that true. Will small glasses fit me?
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  • Justin williams


    Usually, small faces need small sized eyeglasses. From this point, small glasses will flatter you since you have a small faces. Besides, you shall choose some small glasses frames with angular to complement your round lines of faces. If you a female, cat eye style eyeglasses frames will be the good choices to compliment your small round faces. It will make your face look less round and more noticeable. If your are male, you can try , maybe wayfarer style eyeglasses frames to enhance your look.
  • Logan hall


    Generally speaking, people with round face should choose a pair of glasses which have geometric frames that can sharpen facial features and rectangular or horizontal styles to make face looks longer as well as thinner. Besides, glasses with temples that connect at the top of the frame is a wonderful choice. Never try small frames that are out of proportion and short frames that accentuate face length. Because you face is a little small, you should also avoid choosing extra wide glasses. You'd better to have a look in online stores and then have a try in solid shops.
  • Kelly gary


    Yes, your friends are definitely right. I got some tips about different faces with different glasses. Square face should not wear glasses with angular, but glasses with thinner frames and rectangle or long elliptic lens. People with long or narrow face should avoid glasses similar with their faces, such as narrow on the upper and down frames or thin and long glasses. If you have a round face, you should not wear round glasses anymore, it may make you looks rounder and rounder. Wide face is not fit with round, oval or small glasses, glasses with wide, square or angular glasses will be better. Lozenge faces are also fit with round or oval glasses. So, your face is round and small, absolutely a beautiful face, so small glasses may the best choice for you. I have some friends whose faces are similar with yours wearing glasses with small and light color frames. I think they look quiet grace. But if you want to make yourself, you can try big black glasses. Ah, it's my personally idea.