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Diane Rhone


What makes a pair glasses comfortable to wear?

I just wonder what factors on glasses that affect the comfort level when people wear it.
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  • elblancodiablo


    In order to get a pair of comfortable glasses, you shall get a pair of comfortable glasses frames and proper lenses. So, you shall choose glasses frames made of durable materials and good to touch. What's the most important is that the glasses shall has the proper size that match you. The lenses for your eyeglasses shall made according your current prescription so that to meet your vision requirements for comfortable and clear vision.
  • Sue Livingston


    Glasses that are comfortable to wear should be made of high quality materials. For example, if you have strong prescription, your glasses lenses are too thick if you choose regular glass or plastic lens, which will add pressure around your eyes and make you feel uncomfortable. So in this case, you should choose the lighter material for your glasses, thus you will feel comfortable with them on. What's more, glasses that are comfortable to wear should be fitted to you exactly. Only when you wear glasses that are customized to you properly, they are comfortable to wear.

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