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How to look manly in glasses?

I have to wear glasses because I am nearsighted. My friend said I look like a nerd in glasses. but I want to become manly. How can I look manly in glasses?
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    To get manly look, you can try metal framed eyeglasses such as sliver or gold metal framed glasses. Usually, most people believed that metal glasses frames fit for men and make them look sophisticated and gentle. Or you can try a pair of aviator style glasses. Aviator style is one of an classic style for glasses to men. Wearing a pair of aviator glasses surely make you look manly. Anyway, you shall try on some glasses frames and test it out yourself to see which glasses will best for you to look manly.
  • Noah


    Actually, to be manly mainly depends on your own personalities. You can pay attention to your Physical appearance and psychological characteristics to make you look manly. However, some kinds of glasses will make men look manly, too. Just choose glasses that suit you face shape, skin color and personalities. If you choose a wrong pair of glasses, you may look stupid just like a nerd. So before you get glasses to wear, you should try them on to determine whether they are suitable for you. There are so many types of glasses, and you will find one that suit you best.
  • bruce


    Be manly, glasses don't detract from your manliness, dress well and masculine. Carry yourself with confidence. Go to the gym and look strong and healthy. Have manly hobbies, like carpentry, or hunting