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Are Neon Orange Sunglasses suitable for men?

I find these Neon orange sunglasses are very fascinating, are they also suitable for men?
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  • duncan


    Yes, Neon Orange Sunglasses are charming. I saw a boy wear it yesterday in street. It looks...really funny. If you like it, just try yourself. It is really hard to tell if the suit for men or not because each men have unique face shape and temperament. To make sure if the sunglasses fit you, you shall do it yourself. Good luck.
  • gerard


    I don't think Neon Orange Sunglasses are suitable for men. The color is too bright for men. Men tend to choose sunglasses with dark color, like black, grey and brown. If you do like these Neon Orange Sunglasses, you'd better go to an optical store to get one and try them on. If they look good on you, then you can choose to wear them. If they look ugly on you, you shouldn't get them and exchange for other types of sunglasses.
  • betty


    Well, to the ordinary man, neon orange sunglasses are a little bit weird because the color is too bright for men. However, it depends on your occupation. If you are a model or working in the entertainment circle, that sunglasses are okay, but if you are planning to go to the formal party, the neon orange sunglasses will make you ostentatious and maybe unwelcomed.