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What are the characteristics of polycarbonate lenses glasses?

When I was choosing my new glasses in the store, I found the polycarbonate lenses glasses are more expensive than plastic or glass glasses. What are the characteristics of polycarbonate lenses glasses?
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  • Connor nelson


    Polycarbonate lenses, the strongest lenses for eyeglasses, often applied to sports glasses. They also applied to regular glasses to people who want durable glasses. Compared regular glasses, polycarbonate lenses are 10 times more impact resistant that made the eyeglasses durable and unbreakable. Besides, polycarbonate lenses also lighter than standard plastic lenses that give you comfortable wearing. In addition, polycarbonate lenses can also provide UV protection to shield your eyes in sun that regular eyeglasses lenses can't. So, polycarbonate lenses are good choices for a pair of good eyeglasses.
  • Brandon


    Polycarbonate lenses glasses have 100% UV protection itself in the lens material. So if you get Polycarbonate lenses glasses to wear, they can protect your eyes from all rays even if you don't add UV protection coating to the lenses. Another important feature of Polycarbonate lenses glasses is that they are impact resistant, thus they are hard to get shattered and hurt the eyes. Therefore Polycarbonate lenses glasses are widely used in sports glasses, safety glasses and kids glasses.

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