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Ryan evelyn


How to choose right spectacle frames color for my hair?

There are so many colored spectacle frames and I have no idea which color I should choose. How to choose right spectacle frames color for my hair?
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  • Jordyn carter


    To choose the best eyeglasses that macth you hair color so as to compliment your style. YOu shall first think about your hair color so as to choose the best suitblae colored glasses frames. If you hair color belongs to warm color such as salt-and-pepper or coffee brown, or bluish-black etc, you shall try warm colored glasses frames like golden blond, golden brown, copper, auburn, or black glasses frames. If your hair color belongs to cool color like black, pink, plum, blue, you can try tortoise shell glasses frames, and white can be complement your hair color tone.
  • Brooke peters


    First of all, you should determine what color your hair belongs to. If you have cool-tone hair, the color of your eyeglasses frames can be black, pink, blue, burgundy, purple, cool green, dark tortoise, rosy, and white which can go well with your hair color-tone. If your hair is warm-tone, you can choose glasses frames with red, warm reds, off-white, light tortoise, coral, warm green, gold, copper, peach colors. However, if you have black hair, you can choose glasses frames of any color.
  • Melanie smith


    If you have blonde hair with warm undertones, warm blondes have honey and bronze tones in their hair, and are generally slightly darker. For glasses, warm blondes can run the gamut of warm colors including Hemlock, Tortoise, and Peach shades. However, if you have blonde with cool undertone, cool blondes have ashy undertones and lean toward the platinum end of the spectrum. Cool blondes can easily wear black, blue, dark tortoise and pink tones. Avoid colors with strong yellow or gold undertones. If you have brown hair with cool undertones, cool brunettes are usually lighter in shade and have ash undertones. Go for black, pink, blue, and dark tortoise for the best effect. But if you have brown hair with warm undertones, warm browns tend to be darker shades with more auburn and red tones. Stick with lighter tortoise shades that have warm undertones such as Hemlock or Bourbon, or go with warm greens, reds, or creamy off-whites. If you have red hair, the inherent vibrance of red hair makes it an ideal partner for strong frame colors. Try rich tortoise, black, green & warm neutrals like cream. Avoid Ashy and yellowy tones that will undermine redheads. If you have black hair, of course black hair looks great with black and dark tortoise frames but black hair also provides a strong counterpoint to saturated brights such as Sea and Cranberry. Go for black, Olive Tortoise, Malt and bold Pacific. Avoid diluted or ashy tones as they may appear washed out. If you have grey and white hair, all tones of grey hair provide an excellent chance to wear clean and bright colors. Try Black, Cadet, and Cherry. Stay away from yellow and brown frames that have a dulling effect.

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