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Why can't I wear contact lenses anymore?

I have worn colored contacts for over a month and now when I put in contacts, one eye is fine but another is red and itchy. I can hardly put them in. Why?
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  • cap081291


    Compared eyeglasses, Long time wearing contact lenses can causes damages to cornea, dry eyes. Now you have red eyes and itchy, No matter you can put them in or not, you'd better not wearing contact lenses. It will make your red eyes even worse. Wearing contact lenses in this condition may further develop other eye diseases like trachoma and make your eyes infected by bacterium. I think you shall give up contact lenses for the sake of your eye health.
  • walkingalone00


    Make sure your contact lenses are within date. If they are out of date, they will cause some eye problems to you when you wear them. Because it will develop bacteria on the contact lenses if they are out of date. What's more, the contact lens solution cannot kill the bacteria anymore once they are out of date. Thus they will cause red eye and eye infection when you wear them. If your contacts are indeed out of date, you should throw them away and change for new ones.
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