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Where can i get free glasses adjustment?

My glasses have got loosed and a little big for me. do you know where I could get them adjusted for free?
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  • handsomestudgw


    Generally speaking, you can take it to the store where you bought them for a free adjustment. And it's said that you can also bring them into LensCrafters for a free adjustment, even if you didn’t buy your glasses there. Besides, if you are good at such kind of handwork, you can try to adjust it by yourself. If your glasses frame is plastic, you can heat them with something, and then bend it gently as you like. Of course, it is somewhat risky. You may ruin them by chance.
  • handxrxtied


    I heard that LensCrafters will adjust your eyeglasses for free. And they not adjust them, but also clean them for you. Maybe you can have try. Or you can adjust the glasses yourself. It is a easy tasks, i think. if your glasses frames are made of plastic, you need soak your glasses into warm water till the frames become soft. Then, you can adjust the glasses frames as you like. If your glasses frames are made of metal material. It is easy, You can slightly adjust the frames directly.
  • Alexis Gardner


    Vue eye clinic

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