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Is there home remedy for color blindness ?

I am color blindness. Can colored blindness be cured? Any home remedy can help me?
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  • baker


    I am very sorry to tell you that there is no cure for color blindness at present, for color blindness is caused defective gene. Color blindness is caused by a genetic defect in light sensitive pigment in particular cells which are called cone cells. In some cases, the reduction in number will occur to the cone cells. Green and red deficiency is the commonest inherited deficiency. The problem is less common among women than men because women carry and pass the defective gene to the next generation without affecting themselves. Color blindness does interfere with your life, but it cannot prevent you from getting certain jobs such as pilot and electrician.
  • copelynrose


    At present, the color blindness can not be cured completely. And the gene therapy is considered the most promising methods, but it not to be used for humans cause it under tests. Maybe in the near future, gene therapy can pull the color blindness sufferer out. It is said that Acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine can be used. It in part to alleviate symptoms.
  • explosion_x3


    Color blindness makes you have some problems seeing red, green, or blue or a mix of these colors, however, people see no any color at all is rare. This vision problem really terrible an affect daily life too much. Glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, or diabetic retinopathy, injury to the eyes and aging are all causes of color blindness. Home remedies included wearing color contact lenses help with see differences in eyes, wearing glasses that block glare and learning to see something brightness or location, rather than colors.

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