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Jordyn adams


Why do my contacts keep ripping ?

This is my first time wear contact lenses. How can i keep it ripping? Any suggestion?
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  • Zachary garcia


    Ok, so it maybe interesting that wearing contact lenses would make you free from those annoying glasses frames, but I should say, there would be side effects on your eye health. So, now you have got some problems with your lenses, and why not follow the instructions, maybe you have got the wrong type that is suitable for you. Anyway, try to change a pair and do not risk your eye health.
  • walkingalone121


    You should first use your finger to put the contact lenses into the eyes and then you should wear it for about four hours the first day. The second day you could wear for six hours. Then you could wear it for eight hours the third day until the ten days the fourth day Then you could wear it not more than eight hours a day. You need to take notice of the hygiene. You should use the solution when you put off the contact lenses. The hygiene habit of using contact lenses will make you keep it ripping.
  • creationfest


    The hardness of soft contact lens is poor so it is easy to crack and scratch, especially its gap. Nails can cut lenses easily, so you should cut short your nails and be careful when cleaning the lens gently. While folding, don't try to separate it by hand, put it in physiological saline, and it will recover. Clean your lenses once a week. I hope this can prolong the life of your lenses.
  • walentynka


    There are many reasons causing the lenses keep ripping. Sometimes, your finger nails grow too long to rip them. Also, eye dryness can also make the lenses more prone to rip. So, you can try to another daily lens with more of a moistener, which will help immensely or use lubricated drops before wearing them. In some cases, the option will prescribe special disposable contacts for astigmatism. It is found that it will be ripped easily when you use a finger that have a tiny amount of perfume residue. There is no need to say that washing your hands thoroughly with soap before your wear your lenses. By the way, rub your eyes several times to see if anything comes out, some of which are not irritable and you can not definitely feel it.
  • Rebecca


    it may be that the lens isn't adjusted properly. Please make sure that the size of the contact lenses is fitted and your never let your finger nails grow to long as they can easily rip them.
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