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Why do my eyelashes keep falling off?

In recent days, i find that my eyelashes fall off a lot. What causes it?
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  • Erin


    Well, according to some cases, falling eyelash is a sign of health risks, which could tell us what we should do with it. Something unusual, something we never know. So, it is actually wise for us to consult a doctor and take actions before that is much too serious to cure.
  • ctakah4ik


    Metabolism exists everywhere in human body, therefore, old eyelashes will fall off from time to time just as our hair on the head and anywhere else of our body does, then new eyelashes and hair will grow soon again. But if your eyeslashes fall off a lot frequently, then there may be several reasons as follows. First, if your eyelashes usually fall off and easily touch your eyes, then it may be trichiasis which can be caused by overuse of eyes, untidy use of eyes, unhealthy diet and so on. If so, you should pay attention to eye hygiene work, and allowing eyes to have adequate rest, and put vegetables and fruits into your daily diet especially eat more nuts. As well you can use vitamin E and olive oil to spread on your eyelashes to add nutritions to them in case of their falling off. And if your eyelashes fall off a lot and there is increase of endocrine in your eyes, then it may be blepharitis ciliaris which refers to subacute chronic inflammation of eyelid's surface, eyelashes follicle and glandular tissue caused by eye fatigue, malnutrition and inferior makeup. You should use physiological saline to clean your eyes and then spread antibiotic oculentum on your eyelids. At the same time, you should do some exercises to enhance your immunity.
  • chained_destiny


    Eyelashes loss or thinning can be caused by many problems, such as allergic to makeup, anxiety or stress, some medically triggered problems and so on. Change your mascara if it is caused by allergic to makeup. If you are experiencing hair loss and eyelashes fall at the same time, you'd better see a doctor for help because it can be caused by some disease.

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