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David garcia


How to make my eyes appear bigger?

My eyes are quite small and unattractive. Is there anyway to make my eyes look bigger?
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  • maria calderin


    To make your eyes look bigger, you shall makeup your eyes as well as your eyebrow. First of all, you shall groom your eyebrows. In fact, you shall also remove stray hair so that to make your eyebrow and eyes noticeable. Second, you shall try to reduce any puffiness in your eyes if you have swollen eyes. Third, You can properly use eyeliner to draw others' attention to your eyes. Fourth, The most key important steps - don't forget to use mascara to make your eyelashes look longer. Of course, you can use false mascara.
  • duncan


    Using eye makeup is the easiest way to make your eyes look bigger. If you don't know how to apply eye makeup, here is a teaching video Another way is to wear colored contact lenses. But you should be careful with them if you have never worn contacts because they may make your eyes get irritated.
  • cookie127


    Most people will choose to make up. And nowadays, make up can totally change a person to another beautiful one. but it is complicated and bad for our skin, so there also some people choose to face-lift, I don't suggest you do that, you can't bear the operation failure. Eyes are windows of your soul, read more and do charity, you' ll have beautiful eyes. hope helps.
  • Allison


    Colored contact lenses are a wonderful choice to make eyes look bigger, which are favored by a lot of pop star as well as ordinary people. And you can also make your eyes stand out by making up. Firstly, use eyeliner on the outer rim of the eyelids. Secondly, use a cotton swab to make the eyeliner blending. Thirdly, groom your eyebrows with a light shade. At last, make your eyelashes curl, and them apply a black mascara to your eyes. Make sure not tolining your eyes all the way around, which will make your eyes look smaller.

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