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What causes excessive dry eyes?

I am suffered from dry eyes. So, i have to use eye drops to help my eyes. It is really bothersome. What causes this dry eyes? How can i stop it?
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  • hill


    It is really bothersome to have the excessive dry eyes. Usually sitting in front of the computers for a long time with little rest will make your eyes get dry. At the same time, lack of vitamin C will also make your eyes get dry. In order to stop it, you could use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. It will be helpful. You should drink more water.
  • Kristy


    Dry eye syndrome is the result of a lack of tears production or poor quality of tears.Many problems lead to poor quantities or qualities of tears.The common causes are: 1.aging. People are growing old with time going by. So do their eyes. As eyes grow old, they produce less tears. Therefore, people over 40 often feel dryness in eyes. 2.Drug. Certain medicines lead to dry eyes. 3.Smoking. When your eyes are exposed to smoke or second-hand smoke, your lacrymal gland is irritated and produces less tears. 4.The complication of lasik surgery. Most patients who have received lasik surgery suffer from dry eyes to different extents. 5.The problem caused by difficulty of closing eyes. When a person can't close his or her eyes due to bulging eyes or eyelids abnormalities, he or she are very likely to suffer from dry eyes as a result of a lack of blinking. 6.Sjogren's syndrome cause overall dryness including dry eyes.
  • Paige williams


    So many reasons can cause dry eyes, even dry air, winding or other environmental conditions can cause dry eyes. Others such as menopause, disease which affect tear film can also lead to dry eyes. As far as I am concerned, using too much computer or other electronic products will also have this problem. If your condition is not serious, I suggest you try artifical tear drops. And buy a humidifier, which can make air around you more moist. And have a rest every one hour to relax your eyes. If your condition is serious, you may take a surgery.

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