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Can welding cause cataracts?

How can welding affect on our eyes? Is it possible to cataracts?
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  • Luis lewis


    I guess you mean the cataracts caused by ultraviolet injury, which is also called electric ophthalmia. People with exposure under the ultraviolet rays frequently can easily get cataracts, that' s why people in tropical cities are more likely to get cataracts than those in the other cities. As the intraocular inflammation induced by the ultraviolet injury during the welding can hurt the eyeballs directly, you have to avoid the welding light or just remember to take protection when you have to weld. Hope that will help you.
  • Gregory A Meetze


    The high light from the welding will stimulate your eyes nerves and make your eyes become weak at the vision. It is possible for you to get cataracts. You need to protect the eyes by wearing the welding goggles. You must wear it when you do the welding. It is so important. Or else, your eyes will be damaged to some degree.
  • Tessence


    Well, yes, wielding can just lead to cataracts in your eyes. And that can be kind of dangerous. So you need to be more careful about it. Generally speaking, wielding will affect your eyes, making your eyes feel flash burning, and at the same time, painful. In some cases, red, bloodshot eyes can occur too. What is more, it may hurt your eyes, leading to injury to your eyes. According to some researches, excessive exposure to ionizing radiation, infrared radiation, or ultraviolet radiation can cause cataracts.

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