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What brands to go for really good sports prescription goggles?

I'm in need of sports prescription glasses. Is there anyone who can tell some really go brands that sell great sports prescription glasses? Thanks in advance.
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  • Vanessa george


    When it refers to the brands for sports prescription goggles, Oakley is the a famous one that can taken into consideration. Oakley particular to provide sports sunglasses that give people comfortable wearing and well eye protected in all kinds of sports. Besides, Nike is also an famous brands for athletic equipments, of course, include sports prescription goggles, It is worthy to buy quality goggles from them.
  • califractal


    If you want sports prescription glasses, I suggest you rudy project. Rudy Project was founded in Treviso in Italy in 1985, and soon became the leader of the European sports goods and optical products manufacturing. All his products have been paid attention to details. The design of the picture frame and lens material is also the keys. At present, Rudy Project sales have spread at more than fifty countries, and has a large number of a single brand sales store. Especially in the southeast Asian countries, Rudy poject is very welcome. Rudy Project has sponsored more than ten thousand athletes in the different sports field .What’s more, its appearance is more low-key, and it can adapt most people’s face. The importance is the price is not far off.
  • Charlie Sims


    I agree that Oakley have a fantastic range of sports sunglasses. Nike have a new range with prescription lenses made of a new material called NXT. Developed by the US military, NXT is claimed to be "bullet proof" making it a great prescription lens material for sports. Try to see the new range.