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Does everyone have peripheral vision?

I just wonder if everyone has peripheral vision? What does it feel like if we don't have peripheral vision?
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  • Thomas


    Well, generally speaking, everyone have peripheral vision, unless there are some problems on it. And you should know that peripheral vision is very important in sports performance. And about 20 percent of your peripheral nerves aid your ability to remain balanced. Of course, in daily life, you can try to improve your peripheral vision by doing some exercises. For example, you can concentrate on looking as far out to the side as you can while slowly taking deep breaths. In this way, this peripheral expansion exercise will relax the visual system. Anyway, just have a try.
  • walkingwounde_d


    Normally speaking everyone has peripheral vision which is a part of vision outside the central gaze, if he/she didn't lose it. There is a broad range of view included in the notion of peripheral vision. The loss of central vision is know as central scotoma, while the loss of peripheral vision is named as tunnel vision. Just as the name implies, with tunnel vision, you just feel like looking through a narrow tunnel. You might have difficulty seeing in a dark circumstances and decreased ability to guide when you are walking. Usually tunnel vision is resulted from glaucoma, retinal pigmentosa, eye strocks or occlusions, retached retina, brain damage from strock, disorder or injury, neurological damage, papilledema and concussions. So far there is no easy devices like eyeglasses to solve permanent loss of peripheral vision. Just a prism can be added to your eyeglasses to help solve certain type of peripheral vision loss. Once you found yourself a decreased peripheral vision ability, you should visit your doctor at once, to find out the underlying root, and take proper treatment. Once you lost your peripheral vision permanently, I suggest you to visit low vision specialist for help. I hope you don't need to do so. Good luck.
  • Samuel rodney


    Our vision could be divided into central vision and pheripheral vision, and most of us would have peripheral vision from birth, except some exceptional cases, and some acquired infections, they would make your peripheral vision impaired and even disappeared. So, if you have no peripheral vision, your vision would be narrowed and have trouble in seeing things.
  • sudha sharma


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