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Kimberly quick


how to tell if contact lens is torn?

I just got my contact lenses today and it was my first time wearing them. But it seems that there is a little scratch on it. Is it torn? how to tell if contact lens is torn?
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  • Zachary


    Since this this your first time to wear contact lenses, it is normal if you feel some discomfort. Besides, you shall not wearing the lenses in a long time because you need some time to adapt it. Of course, you shall first check out the lenses if it damaged. Now, you need to take off the lenses and observe the edges of the lenses to ensure that the edges appears smooth without any uneven or jagged areas.
  • Thomas keith


    At first, you should always wash your hands clean and dry them off. Then pick up the contact lens from the case and place it on the tip of your index finger. Then hold your index finger under bright lighting conditions so that you can see your lens clearly. After that you begin to inspect the contact lens. Look at your contact lens to see whether there is a area that appear rough. If there is, your contact lens is likely to get torn.

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