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Danielle lewis


Are pinhole glasses a hoax?

How do you think of pinhole glasses? DO you think they are a hoax?
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  • EDWIN Caster


    Well, nowadays, there are many people who are using them, and in some degree, they can be a fashion. Also, they are wildly used by nearsighted people and farsighted people. So it can be useful. But on the other hand, you should take some time to be accustomed to them, or it will just make you feel uncomfortable. For example, it will make feel eye stressed, and also have red eyes in some degree. So it depends on your choice.
  • cody88


    The answer is still at table for this question. Disputes have been going on for 10s of years. But in my opinion, if it really works. In comparison, laser surgery has come out just twenty years, but it has been more popular than pinhole glasses. Facts speak louder than words. Apart from pinhole glasses, there are also many medical devices that are claimed to be effective in treating eyesight problems. But it turned out that they are only businessmen's lucrative tricks.
  • Jose joyce


    I think the manufacturer of pinhole glasses overrated and even exaggerates the effect of pinhole glasses. After wearing the pinhole glasses, people with vision problems will see more clearly. This is not because the improvement of their vision but because of the artificial reduction of the light going through and the narrowing of the pupils. The manufacturer claims that the pinhole glasses can strengthen ciliary muscles to avoid lazy eyes by adjusting them to environment. However, according to optometrists, there is no evidence proving that muscle exercises will correct defective sight. Besides, there is no published clinical trial to support the idea that pinhole glasses have effect on permanent vision. If you have eye problem, it is better to consult a doctor or an optician other than to adopt self-diagnosis such as pinhole glasses.

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