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Isabelle garcia


How to get rid of bags under eyes due to lack of sleep?

I usually work at night. That is why I usually have very serious eye bags. Does anyone know that what should we do to get rid of eye bags due to lack of sleep?
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  • Jack taylor


    First and foremost, you should get enough sleep. There is a research showing that sleeping for 4 to 5 or less every day has negative effects on your health. A healthy diet that is rich in vitamins is very important. Your diet should contain more fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides, food like lobster, sardines, shrimp, raspberries and nuts can also work to alleviate the dark circles. Putting cucumber slices over your eyes before bedtime for 5 to 10 minutes is also effective. After you have drunk a cup of green tea, do not throw the tea bag away. Put the tea bags in the refrigerator to cool them down, and then apply them to your eyes for a few minutes. When you are out, it is also necessary for you to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV that worsens the condition.
  • anderson


    Potatoes, apples and cucumbers are very helpful in getting rid of eye bags. You can cut one of the foods mentioned above into thin sliced pieces, and put one piece on each of your closed eyes for about ten to fifteen minutes, Keep doing it every day, two or three times each day, and the effect will be obvious. Besides, you should not drink alcohol or even water before you go to sleep, because too much water before bedtime will make the water detain in your eyes and thus the eye bags come to being. Also, you can apply moderate eye cream to spread it on your eyes bags every night before you sleep. And do not stay up late at night.