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Tyler charles


What are side effects of pupil dilation?

Do you guys know any side effects of pupil dilation? Is this serious?
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  • Noah james


    As far as i know, dilated eyes may cause your experience glare. Also, you may suffer sensitivity to light and blurry near vision. If you suffer this, you can wear sunglasses to help you get clear vision and fight against glares. In fact, dilated pupil won't cause any healthier problems. It can also help the optometrist tell if your eyes are healthy. So, don't worry. It is not serious eye problems.
  • charmed83


    Well, generally speaking, pupil dilation can be kind of annoying and serious. First, you should know that when dilated pupils occur, the black part of the eye is bigger than normal. And we can say that dilated pupils look like a big black circle. Of course, because of that your eyes may be painful. According to some experts, if the cause is high blood pressure, it will just make your eyes feel stressed. For the causes, some factors, such as high blood pressure, drug use, illness, trauma and anxiety can cause pupils to be dilated. So just be careful about it.
  • lova


    Generally speaking, when the light in the environment is strong, the pupil will antomatically shrink, while the light is weak the pupil will dilate, which is a normal physiological phenomenon called the pupil's reaction to light whose purpose is to help the eyes to adjust to the light change in the environment. However, there is a kind of abnormal pupil dilation caused by the injury in the sphincter pupillae. Then this kind of injury is called traumatic mydriasis. If so, people should go to the hospital for an in-time treatment, because the mydriasis can cause astigmatism, and when the condition is serious, it will lead to commotio retinae or macular oedema.