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Can diet help blepharitis?

Is it true that diet can help blepharitis? Is this a healthy way?
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  • Caitlin lee


    Well, yes, you can have diet to treat blephariti. And generally speaking, you should know that blephariti is inflammation and it occurs on the part of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow. And in common, when it occurs, your eyes can eventually become red, irritated and itchy. Because of that, double vision and blurred vision can be possible. At this moment, you can have some good diet to heal it. according to some experts, supplementation with fish oil could be a very cost-effective way to help reduce inflammation caused by blepharitis. So you can just have more herring and salmon. Also, Vaseline can help you to treat it too.
  • Jordan owen


    Blepharitis is a kind of seborrheic dermatitis caused by inflammation or germs infection. Generally speaking, diet is only a kind of auxiliary method to help get rid of the blepharitis, and it can not be regarded as a main treatment. If the blepharitis is caused by food allergies such as seafoods, people should avoid touching or eating the seafoods. And some correspondent medicine and eye drops will be prescribed by the doctor to treat the blepharitis. But if the blepharitis is caused by other reasons such as eye strain making the optical muscles contract and block the glands, then maybe an apocenosis surgery is needed to cut off the blocked gland. And as to your daily diet, do not eat any irritative foods such as spicy dishes or ice cream. Eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more water. Have good rest and adequate sleep.