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Erin rupert


Is there a cure for color blindness?

Do you guys know any ways that can help cure or relieve color blindness?
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  • Vanessa edward


    Color blindness are caused by inherited defect of the light sensitive pigment in special cells. And there is not treatment to cure it. Luckily, the color blindness is not serious problems, they can still enjoy normal life as common people. If you really want to be normal, you can wear eyeglasses to help you achieve it. In fact, there are eyeglasses and contact lenses that can help them correct the vision that make them see the same as normal people.
  • covenmasters


    I am very sorry to tell you that there is no cure for color blindness nowadays because that color blindness is caused by defective gene. In another word, it is congenital. Color blindness is caused by a genetic defect in light sensitive pigment in particular cells which are called cone cells. In some cases, the reduction in number will occur to the cone cells. Green and red deficiency is the commonest inherited deficiency. The problem is less common among women than men because women carry and pass the defective gene to the next generation without affecting themselves. If you have color blindness you need not be too upset, for it cannot prevent you from getting certain jobs such as pilot and electrician.


    Generally speaking, color blindness is inherited and people who are born to be color blind can not get their eyes to see the world just as those who are not color blind do. Therefore, usually color blindness can not be cured either by medicine or surgery. But there is a kind of corrective lenses intended for people with color blindness. The principle for this kind of corrective lenses is making a coating film on the surface of the lenses to adjust the wavelength of the light that comes into the eyes. This kind of corrective lenses can also be used both in eye contacts and frame eyeglasses, so you can choose either of them according to your personal preference.