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Can i run with my contacts in?

Will it be okay if I run with my contacts in? Do I need to worry about that? I will have a race tomorrow. I really need to know if I can run with my contacts in. As you may know, it is very inconvenient to run with glasses.
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  • lova


    Yes. You can do that in a short time. If you gonna to run for a long time, you'd better not wear contact lenses. Generally, it is dangerous to run with contact lenses. It can cause dry eyes if you running with contacts. Also, if you get insects, sand in your eyes when you run with contacts, it is likely to cause eye infection. In fact, to shield your eyes during running, you can wear sports sunglasses that can give you more comfortable vision especially in the sunny days. If you need vision aids, Prescription sports sunglasses are available.
  • cwalsman


    Yes, of course you can run with contact lenses, and in my opinion, it is a good choice for you to have contact lenses, comparing with glasses, for glasses will just be inconvenient for your running. And for glasses, it is easier for them to slide from your head. And that will just interrupt your running. What is more, it will be broken as long as they fall down on the ground. On the other hand, contacts will not have some problems, and it will just be safe and comfortable if you take good use of them. But I have remind of you that contact lenses should be protected well, or it will just be irritated by some dirty objects, and then lead to some eye problems in your eyes.
  • walerie


    In your case, it is better not to wear eye contacts. Because you are going to have a race, the process of the race can be very fierce, then your eye contacts will easily fall out or move their positions. Besides, there will be wind and strong air flow towards you when you are running, which may cause discomfort in your eyes and that will affect your good performance in the race. If you are not so highly nearsighted that you could not see well in the race, you can run without wearing eye contacts. But if you have to wear them, you should take care solution and container with you in case there is any need.

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