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Alexia charles


How to clean Saline Water Spots off Prescription EyeGlasses?

There are some saline water spots on my prescription glasses. How to clean them off?
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  • Zoe may


    If your eyeglasses are splashed by some Saline Water, you shall not leave the saline residue spots on the eye glasses for too long because the salt water is corrosive that will ruin your eyeglasses. If you have no idea how to clean it, you can rinsed it in water. Then look for commercially available lens cleaning solution to clean remove saline spots from you glasses. You can buy it from any eye glasses store or at the optometrist’s office.
  • Mort


    Once you find there are some saline water spots on your eyeglasses lenses, you should have them cleaned immediately, otherwise, it will damage the lenses because salt water is corrosive. If the saline water spots stay too long on your lenses, they will erode some of the coatings on the lenses. When you start to clean the saline water sports, you should rinse them firstly. Then use the commercial lens cleaning solution which can be bought from your optometrist’s office to clean your lenses.