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Sharron Green


When were swimming goggles invented?

When were swimming goggles first invented? Can anyone tell me some history of swimming goggles?
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  • Sara scott


    It is hard to tell when the swimming goggles first appear in the world. But according to the International Swimming Hall of Fame,the original goggles were made out of polished tortoise shells was used by Persians in the 14th century. And the invention of practical goggles for strictly underwater use began in the late 1960s.
  • Diane Rhone


    The invention of swimming goggles can date to 1300 or earlier, Persian divers were using diving goggles with windows made of the polished outer layer of tortoiseshell. In the 1930s Guy Gilpatrick started swim diving with swimming goggles in an effort to keep salt water out of the eyes when diving.

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