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Jason warren


Why does my vision get worse at night?

I can see fine when it's bright out, but it becomes blurry at night. When I'm driving, it seems like everything is fuzzy. Is this normal? Is there anything wrong with my eyes?
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  • Kevin percy


    If your vision gets worse at night, you may meet two kinds of situations. One reason may just the tiredness of your eyes causes your vision worse at night; while the other situation may that you get the night blindness. If the tiredness causes your vision worse, you just need some more relax and improve your food diet. You can intake some more vitamin A and need some eyedropper. If you are the second situation, your bad vision just is caused by the darkness and the dim night.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    If you get blur and worse vision at night but see fine in daytime, you are likely suffers vision problems known as night blindness. People with night blindness have very bad vision in darkness or dim light but can see find in condition with adequate amounts of light. Besides, the night blindness will be more worse as you getting older. Because the eyes will become less clear and grows cloudy over time that make it difficult to see in dim light.

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