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What is involved in a contact lens fitting?

I will have a contact lens fitting this Saturday. What exactly happens during a fitting? Does it hurt?
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  • Emma


    There are many factors involved in contacts fitting. Before fitting contacts, there are a series of check. For example, your eye situation, whether your tear secretions are well and whether you have ocular fundus diseases. If the above mentioned factors are well, the doctor will check your eyes prescription, including the exact diopter and corneal radius. When you finish all these exams, you can have a fitting except you have the following eye disease: dacryocystitis, serious trachoma, spring catarrh conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, glaucoma and diabetes mellitus. I guess all above mentioned are not the problems for you, but you still should pay attention to the time you fit the contacts. Generally, when you fit them the first say, it would be about 2 hours, 4 hours for the second day, and 6 hours for the third day. And you doctor will tell you many specifications when you fit the contacts. Hope it will help you !
  • Jonah


    To be safe, you shall try a ''sample pair'' to wear before you fitting contact lenses. IN fact, if you have to give contact lenses a try, your eye-care professional will help fit your contacts and educate you on wearing and maintaining them properly. And your eye-care professional can also help you to diagnose and treat any eye conditions that might it is difficult to you for wearing contact lenses. So, it won't hurt you.
  • William clive


    This is a series of tests and consultations. First of all, because the lenses are directly placed upon your eyeballs, you will have to take the anterior segment examination, to determine if you are fit to wear contacts, especially about the health condition of your cornea and intraocular pressure. If you have Dry Eye and high intraocular pressure, it would be dangerous to wear contacts. If your eyes are in a healthy condition, you will take the refraction, but the prescription is not the same as the one tested in the eyeglasses fitting, which is stronger. Then the corneal radius of curvature will be examined, so that you can choose the ones which have the Base Curve most close to your own eyeballs. After these tastings, you can choose the ways to wear, it includes traditional, disposable and the regular replacement. At last, according to your prescription, your eye-healthiness and the environment in which you will be wearing them, you can choose the thickness and water content of the lenses. So you will have the contacts best fit for you .
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