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Mark Burns


How to remove rgp contact lenses?

I wear RGP contact lenses, and my doctor told me to remove them by tugging on my eyelid and blinking hard until they pop out. Is there easier way to get them out?
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  • Kaylee


    I think it is easy to remove out the contact lenses. Of course, first of all, you shall make your hands and fingers clean. Then, Pull down your lower eyelid and raise your your upper eyelid. Then, use your finger of the other hands to tough the rgp contact lenses, just the same as you remove other contact lenses, take the lenses out of eyes.
  • Zachary garcia


    Blink Method 1. Put your fingers at the outer junction of your upper and lower lids. Keeping your eye open wide and using the power of your finger to press the skin softly outward and upward. 2. Use your fingers of your other hand underneath the eye while blinking briskly. The lens will be naturally pop out onto your fingers by the pressure of your eyelids. Two-finger Method 1. Use your index finger of one hand on the middle of the edge of the upper lid and the same finger of the other hand on the same place of the lower lid. 2. Press the lids inward under the power of your two index fingers and then together. The lens should be wedged out of your eye and will fall onto your hand. If it fails to be out please try again.
  • carter


    Due to the contact lenses directly touch your eyes, you have to wash your hands with soap and warm water before removing the rgp contact lenses, and dry your hands with a clean towel. Then, please fill halfway of contact solution into your case before you take your contact lenses out of eyes. Next, using your right index finger to pull up your left upper eyelid, and using the middle finger of your left hand to pull your left lower eyelid down. In the following, you need to look up and pluck it out. After that, you do the same thing for the left eyes' contact lens. And you put the contact lenses in the palm of your hands to drench them in contact solution to flip them over. Lastly, putting them into the case with the right side and add some contact solution to soak contact lenses in solution. And here are some related contact recommendations. You had better to take contact lenses off every day for cleaning, and don't wear them when sleeping. Most of the contact solutions can be expired within one month after starting use of it. What is more, the case need to be changed every three month.
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