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can i get lasik if im pregnant?

Is it safe to have lasik surgery during pregnancy? Will it have bad effects on my baby?
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  • Sybil


    It is not good to have lasik surgery during pregnant because the prescription will keep changing during pregnant due to hormonal alterations. While lasik surgery require people to have stable vision so people whose vision is changing are not suitable for lasik surgery. Besides, if you go to have lasik surgery, the surgeon will ask you to take antibiotic and cortisone drops before or after the surgery, which may cause a detrimental effect on the baby. So you are not suitable for lasik surgery during pregnant.
  • Caitlin


    You'd better not take lasik eye surgery during pregnancy, Mostly, people during pregnancy usually changes their prescription sometimes. That because the hormonal alterations that make the body retain more fluid, causing a swelling of the lens inside the eye. So, you may get a little more nearsighted or develop more astigmatism during pregnancy. But it will be recovery after you give birth to baby. So, it is not a wise choices to take lasik eye surgery during pregnancy.
  • cthier


    After pregnancy, the change of the hormone levels could lead to an unstable degrees of refraction, and affect the result of the surgery. And it is also considering the drug use after the surgery, because most drugs are eye drops. They can be absorbed for a small part by lacrimal passages, although drug concentration is low. But I suggest that you can prepare for having a baby after a month when you stop using drugs, so I don't recommend choosing surgery in this period.


    While it's not likely to be unsafe for the baby, pregnancy isn't a good time for a mom to get LASIK. Being pregnant can throw off your prescription; as an opthalmologist, I'm often the first person to tell a female patient that she might be pregnant. During pregnancy your eyesight usually swings to nearsightedness, but sometimes you get more farsighted. So, the correction a woman gets while pregnant might no longer work once she has her baby and stops breastfeeding.