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How much do contact lenses removal tool cost?

i always have a hard time removing my hard contact lenses and my friend suggested me to use contact lenses removal tool. how much does it cost? Is it easy to use?
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  • Christina keith


    Contact lenses removal tool are very cheap and you can afford to get the tool to help you remove contact lenses. These tools usually cost less than $10, so you can get a contact lenses removal tool to help you if you do have trouble removing your contact lenses. For me, I never use the tool to remove my contact lenses, so I don't know whether it is easy to use. You can have a try by yourself.
  • Dawn C.


    I just saw contact lenses removal tool at, they are ranges from about $5 to over $10. And if you wear hard contact lenses, contact lenses removal tool are necessary to help you take off contacts lenses. And those contact lenses remover are very affordable. So, if you often wear your contact lenses, just get one contact lenses remover for a more convenient life.
  • Cameron


    There do exist small tools specifically for removing lenses, which resemble small plungers made of flexible plastic; the concave end is raised to the eye and touched to the lens, forming a seal stronger than that of the lens with the cornea and allowing the lens to be removed from the eye. But it is not very convenient to buy it .many shops do not sell this kind tools. Considering the material, i think it will not be very expensive guess it will be under $10.i wish my information can help you!!

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