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Julio G.


Can eye ulcers cause blindness?

It is very bad that i got eye ulcers. It is really painful. Can eye ulcers cause blindness?
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  • Kelly gary


    If you don't treat the eye ulcers in time, you may get blindness. It is so painful to get the eye ulcers which make your eyes feel so uncomfortable. The eyes ulcer can be made up of ulcerative marginal blepharitis, fungal corneal ulcer, bacterial corneal ulcer, silkworm corrosion corneal ulcer and so on. In the most situations, it is caused by the coming bacterium which will let your eyes get infection. The eye ulcers are so disgusting to look at. And it will make you feel so painful and stinky at the eyes. If you don't go to the hospital and accept the regular treatment, there may exist the corneal perforation which is the main reason to cause the blindness. During this time, you'd better eat the light food with no stimulating irritates. The spicy food is the must-not-be food for you. You should also not smoke or drink. You'd better have a good rest during the treatment.
  • Josh


    Eye ulcers can cause blindness. Because our eyes are very sensitive, eye ulcers would produce severe pain, thus your vision would be impaired. If your symptom is not so bad, you must treat it promptly to avoid lasting vision problems, and the treatment must be aggressive. You can use some eye drops to reduce inflammation, or just go to see a doctor.
  • Charles Joseph


    Yes, it could cause that if it is untreated or not treated well. Corneal ulcer is a serious eye disorder that caused by harmful microorganism, like bacteria, virus. As we all known, the eyelid and tears can prevent harmful foreign objects to enter the eye, however, bacteria, virus and other invisible objects are able to enter the cornea if there is any abrasion. The symptoms of corneal ulcer are quite obvious because of the sensitive cornea. It would make your eyes become red, blurred, burning, itching, tearing and increased of eye discharge. It is a serious eye condition that has to be treated promptly and properly. Otherwise, it could cause vision loss and blindness finally.