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Can two dark eyed parents have a blue eyed baby?

I and my wife want to have a baby with blue eyes. But we heard that the color of eyes is hereditary. And we both have dark eyes. So, is there any possibility for us to get a blue eyed baby?
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  • walkerpaul


    Well, this is a mysterious question. Because as you can see, the color of a baby's eyes is largely decided by the genes, which means that it would be likely to be the same with his parents'. However, sometimes there are always some exceptions, if the genes suddenly changes which is not likely to happen, then you will probably have a blue eyed baby. Anyway, the possibility is small.
  • Kimberly quick


    No, there is no possibility for you to have a baby with blue eyes. The color of eyes is hereditary which belongs to the genetic endowment. Your kids must be with the dark color eyes too, just like you both. If you want to let your kids show the blue eyes, you could buy the colored contact lenses for him or her when he or she grows up.
  • Chelsey


    Yes, it is possible for you to get a blue eyed baby because gene of black eyes is dominance while gene of blue eyes is recessive. Now we use A to represent black eyed gene and a to represent blue eyed gene. If genes of both of you are Aa, according to the free combination law of genes, the two gametes A and a combine themselves unrestrainedly, hence forming the genotypes of AA, Aa and aa. The genotype of aa is recessive and manifests the blue eyes. So two dark eyed people can give birth to baby with blue eyes as long as their genotype is heterozygote of Aa. Honestly speaking, I think whatever color eyes of baby is, be boy or girl, as long as the baby is healthy, it is fine, after all, the baby is the crystal of your love.

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