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Derek T.


Does anynow know if dolce gabbana makes mens sunglasses?

Dolce Gabbana sunglasses are amazing. But i wonder if they provide sunglasses for men. Are they expensive?
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  • walkinpaperdoll


    Well, as you can see, Dolce Gabbana is one of the Italian fashion brands which is dedicated to making a wide range of products, including sunglasses for men, because they are producing clothes for men. Anyway, they are making luxury products, which means that the prices for those products are pretty high in every way. Typically, a pair of their sunglasses would be over 300 dollars, however, you can turn to Amazon or eBay for cheaper prices.
  • Kimberly


    Yes, the dolce gabbana sunglasses also have the men's series which I have seen from the amazon. They are really amazing at the design. When you wear them, you will look so cool and attractive. They are not too expensive when compared with the gucci or other big brand sunglasses. You could buy one from the online stores to have a look.
  • griffin


    Yes, of course. Dolce Gabbana provides sunglasses for men. as a famous brand all over the world, the price of it is relative expensive, but it is worthwhile for its distinct style and delicate details. the rough price is $200. The following website can provide you some information about its price.

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