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Jade scott


Can thyroid problems cause dry eyes?

I drank a lot of water, but I still feel my eyes dry. Why? Does thyroid problems cause the dry eyes?
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  • Jada shelley


    Yes, the thyroid problems may easily cause the dryness of the eyes because of the coming bacterium. Even if you drink a lot of water which may not be absorbed by the body, you will still feel dry at the eyes. There are many reasons to cause the thyroid problems which make your body feel unhealthy. The iodine intake will make this to the most point. Either too high or too low amount of iodine intake will cause the thyroid problems. Then the uneven diet may cause it too. Most patients tend to be pay attention to the intake of food with high quantity of heat. They have neglected the fruits and vegetables intake. However, the unbalance in the psychology is the main reason to cause the thyroid problems, too. The pressure and bad mood can not only affect appetite sleep but also affect the immune function and body health which will easily cause the thyroid problems. The last cause is the trauma infection, trauma car accident hurt and a cold. They are likely to cause body infection disease and cause thyroid problems. You should treat the thyroid problems first.
  • Ariana oliver


    Yes, thyroid problem can cause the dry eyes, and it is called thyroid eye disease. If your dry eyes is caused by thyroid disease, you would be pain when moving eyes, also you will feel impair vision and double vision. If you cannot decide whether your dry eyes is caused by thyroid problems, you can seek a professional opinion from doctor.

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